No Money Motorsports was founded in 2018 with the primary goal of encouraging people to get out to the race track, as often as possible.

I began doing Track Days without any intention of racing competitively. Partially because I enjoyed HPDE days so much, but mostly because I feared the costs of wheel to wheel racing. Don’t let stories of six figure race budgets and bankrupt pro race teams scare you away from motorsports. There are so many avenues to participate in racing without piling on loads of debt or raiding your retirement fund to do it. This site isn’t purely about spending No Money, there are places where some money is well spent, and much of the hobby’s reputation for expense is well deserved. However, our goal is to give you some money saving strategies and find the best value in the spending you do… Whether you stick with Track days or jump to Racing.

You don’t get into auto racing to make money. Those that try quickly learn that it does not work that way. That said, with some careful spending, strategy, and restraint it’s more than possible to have a great time in a car without living out of your car. The most important thing to know is that yes, YOU can drive on famous race tracks all around the world.


My experience isn’t extraordinary, I’m not some incredible driver or technological genius, I’m not even a very good writer. I’ve been on the right end of some good luck, met some incredible people, and played to my strengths to get to where I think is the best possible place in the motorsports world. I’m at a point that I didn’t even know existed 15 years ago. 

Most importantly, I’m ecstatic with where I am. Sure, I have plenty of growth planned for my driving, equipment, and even this page… But right now I’m having an amazing time, I have an incredible group of very close friends from the track, and I get to race on the legendary race tracks that just a few years ago I wouldn’t have imagined could be possible.

Jim Tramontano – No Money Motorsports Founder

  • Several years of Autocross experience
  • Several years of HPDE experience
  • Crewed with Endurance race teams
  • NASA Certified HPDE Instructor
  • Career Educator in Art Education
  • NASA Competition Licensed- Active Spec Miata Racer

Jim Tramontano Headshot

Thanks again for coming to the site, hopefully the information here will give you some of the tools to become an active member in the track community, whether as an occasional HPDE driver or an avid racer.

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