Coffee Brake – 3 Common questions track drivers get

The coffee “brake” is a shorter midweek post with random content, whether it’s a question for you, a some news, some cool artwork, or maybe a burnout video.

This week’s Coffee Brake:

What are the questions you usually get once people find out you do HPDE or Race on track?

Three of my favorites are:

3) “You race? Who are your sponsors?”

“I don’t really have any. Most of what we have at our level are contingency sponsors, which means… oh nevermind… yes I do, Hawk Brakes, Toyo Tires, and Mazda”

-Look for a big post about “sponsors” coming up at some point


2) “You race? How fast do you go?”

“about 110 mph”

“no,  what is the fastest you go”

“about 110”

“You’re slow, My buddy did 130 in his G37 on the Turnpike”

“Well, the class is about corner speed more than straightline.. oh nevermind, yeah I’m slow”

New Project

1) You Race? How much did you do to the engine? Turbo? K-swap?

“Well, it’s pretty much stock… actually, they just changed the rules to let me pull off  the restrictor plate”

 “How much horsepower? 300? 350?”

“Haven’t dynoed it, but I’d guess 115… err, 110”


One thought on “Coffee Brake – 3 Common questions track drivers get

  1. I hate getting the second question, because when you answer you realize you are not speaking the same language. More than once people have asked me why I don’t track my mustang over my miata and I always tell them it’s because the miata is faster. Usually that ends the conversation as people think I’m nuts :P.

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