Coffee Brake – Wrap your own helmet with leftover Vinyl

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This week’s Coffee Brake:

Have some extra vinyl leftover? Why not do a custom design on your helmet?

IMG_4543 copy

Helmet paintjobs and wraps are another potential money trap. Everyone is running around the track with the same white or black helmets, you need to look different, right? Talented artists will be happy to spend tons of time designing, prepping, and applying a great finish to your helmet… but it will cost you.

I searched google for images of my Bell Racing SPORT EV Helmet . I printed a few copies to sketch on and played around with markers until I had a design I liked. Following that loose plan, I used leftover vinyl and pinstripe tape to try some different designs straight on the helmet. With vinyl it was super easy to remove, redo, trim, and reposition items I didn’t like… with paint it would have been a different story. Spent a few hours in front of the TV… Total cost = $0

Bonus: Using scraps from the car had another benefit: My helmet now matches my car.

77092516-NASA+NE+Lightning+Race+Group+6-10-2018+0314 (2).jpg


Also added some track decals for “ghost” details





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