Coffee Brake – The Best Tape Racing Numbers

The coffee “brake” is a shorter midweek post with random content, whether it’s a question for you, a some news, some cool artwork, or maybe a burnout video.

This week’s Coffee Brake:

Every “Rule” has an exception. Taped numbers get a bad rap. They are usually hastily tossed on the side of a car, in 30 seconds… moments before rolling to the tech line or running off for the drivers meeting.

Perry from Autox4u (“Autocross for you” for those who are still way behind the times) grabbed this photo at a NNJR SCCA Autocross at metlife. YES, that is painter’s tape.

I’ve done some good painter’s tape numbers in my time… but this is really something else:

While we’re on the subject, Autox4u is a local site that acts as a hub for all autocross in the northeast. They have one of the most comprehensive, user friendly, accurate event calendars I’ve seen. There are also timing links, results, photos, tips, and more.


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