Coffee Brake – Cell phones as race radios?

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This week’s Coffee Brake:

A followup to our last post about radios on a budget…. skip the radio all together.

It sounds obvious, we we all have our cell phones on us all day, glued to our hips or hands. Why NOT use a cell phone? I haven’t tried it, but it seems like it should work.

Seems pretty simple… get a headset to plug into your phone (or bluetooth), start a call with your spotter in grid, put your phone into your suit pocket, and just have an open line for the entire race so you can communicate back and forth. Has anyone tried this firsthand?


Hands-Free is probably a requirement…

2 thoughts on “Coffee Brake – Cell phones as race radios?

  1. I have tried this method, and it does work to a degree, with my wired hansfree kit, I have an open face helmet and a rather loud LS1, there was alot of background noise, but it was acceptable. I haven’t tried it since I switched to Noise Cancellation Bluetooth earbuds, but they seem to work in the truck.

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