Track Vocab: OPR

New year, new me feature. We’re introducing a Coffee Brake alternative, Track Vocab

Track Vocab covers a word, phrase, or some other lingo used at the track. Maybe you know it all, maybe you’ll learn something new, maybe you’ll call me an idiot and tell me I’m wrong. Enjoy!


Other People’s Rubber. As cars slide around the track they leave pieces of sticky race tire behind. These either fly straight off of, or get kicked up by the tires of a leading car and end up all over/in/around a following car.

They are generally harmless but can throw off the balance of a tire, so removing them is a good idea. After a weekend of close driving, the whole car’s nose is often covered in little black streaks… They are cleared right up with a bit of break cleaner (or cleaner wax if you take extra care of your paint surface) .

OPR is typically referred to as “Marbles” when it’s on the track surface. They collect off-line and if you find yourself in that part of the track it often feels like you are driving on marbles.


Those little black things are pieces of sticky race tire rubber that worked their way from the track to the inside of my wheel.


Do you have any good OPR photos on or in your car? let’s see em!

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