Post 23: Don’t just be a fan, DO IT!

I’m not a big sports fan. I had a baseball and football phase, but since I began doing Track Days I have a hard time getting into watching and rooting for other people playing games.

There’s nothing wrong with being a big sports fan. Super-fans pour a ton of passion, time, and energy into watching and learning stats of the sport they worship… If they channeled some of that energy and passion into participating in that sport, they may find much more fulfilling.

I remember my excitement when I went to watch my first pro race, but it was nothing compared to my HPDE day. My first race start was a whole different level. It didn’t pass my wedding day and the day my daughter was born… but it’s up there (I ended up with a podium finish too, woohoo!)

Excitement! Photo by Viken_Photography

If you’re into something, try DOING IT! If you love watching auto racing, then try HPDE and racing yourself! Buying a cool car and driving it on the street is cool, but do a track day with it! Into football? Join a flag football league! Do you like dirt bikes?….

Liz has been a good friend for over 10 years (Wow, time flies). Instead of a passion for cars, her interest is with the two wheeled variety. Her story is another great example of someone jumping right in, having the right mindset, and kicking ass.

Check it out here “One woman’s three step program for riding faster” 


Photo by Morgan Jones.

(Headline Photo by Spurgeon Dunbar)


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