K1 Racegear affordable racing gloves in green

Coffee Brake: Customer Service saves the day with a glove issue

One thing you may notice with racing equipment is that they often don’t have a warranty, it is hard to find, or the warranty listed isn’t very good. I’d assume that this is mostly as a form of liability insurance for the manufacturer.

But what if you have an issue with your gear?

My first pair of budget gloves survived 5 years of hard use before the leather on the fingers was getting too thin for comfort. I splurged a bit on a slightly “cooler” glove and got a pair of K1 race gear GT-1 gloves. The K1’s were the cheapest gloves I could find with a pattern that matched my car’s color scheme.

However, by the end of their first season of use, I had an issue with some of the stitching, and an a seam of the gloves opened up. I was outside of the warranty period (I can’t even find anything about their warranty now). I reached out to K1, explained my issue, sent a photo, and asked if there was a way I should repair the glove.

K1’s immediate response:  “I have processed and sent you a new set out today. I hope this helps.” No hesitation. No hassle, just standing behind their product. New gloves are here, they’re perfect, and I look forward to enjoying them for years.

Interested in checking out a pair for yourself? click the link below.

note: K1 Race Gear has neither asked for nor paid me for this, I just really appreciate when companies have outstanding service and think they should be commended for it.

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