Coffee Break : Do you have something to Contribute?

The coffee “brake” is a shorter midweek post with random content, whether it’s a question for you, a some news, some cool artwork, or maybe a burnout video.

This week’s Coffee Brake:

Want to contribute?

The social media effect is strong in motorsports. When somebody upgrades their car, or buys a new truck, or gets the latest data acquisition system, or a new suit… we see it. Social media makes it looks like EVERYONE is just constantly dumping money on their cars.

Trust me, that’s not the case. We’re out there, getting by and still having fun. (Or are we having more fun?)


Are you one of us? Do you have a story to tell of some hack or DIY you do to keep this affordable? Do you have a tip that contradicts something I’ve said, but still works for you?

Contact me, and we’ll get your story told too. (comment here, or via the contact tab on top of the page)


One thought on “Coffee Break : Do you have something to Contribute?

  1. I save money by skipping hotel rooms for 3 day events, with spending just about ~$300 I’ve managed to get my hands on a tent to rival the size of a modest hotel room, a queen sized air mattress, a welcome mat to keep the tent from getting dirty or muddy on rainy days, and even a table to keep my stuff off the ground.
    Now I never have to sleep in a cramped car or truck, bum space in someone’s trailer or worry about getting rained on using hand-me-down walmart tents, and I can keep all of my gear tidied up inside.

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