Garage Heroes in Training Podcast – No Money Motorsports visits for a Guest Interview!

A couple months ago, my good friend at EJ2TrackRat was interviewed by the “Garage Heroes in Training” podcast. Since then I’ve been listening and catching up on a lot of their podcasts… then to my surprise, they reached out and invited me to join them for an episode! We had a great time talking about topics from the story behind No Money Motorsports, to budget tips, and even some budget fails.

“GHIT” has a very different origin in Motorsports than I do; Instead of climbing a HPDE ladder, time trial, then racing, They fearlessly dove straight into Endurance Racing with 24 hours of LeMons events. They may have a different beginning and approach but we have some striking similarities and all have the same goal, To get on track and have as much fun as possible.

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The Episode

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