The Easiest Way to Find Track Days near you:

Track Days are run at dozens of race tracks every (warm) weekend all over the country. Everyone can (and SHOULD) participate in some form of High Performance Driver Education. Getting on track takes little more than a car club membership, entry fee, and a car… but you need to know WHERE and WHEN to show up.

It happens pretty often. I post something on social media about loading up my car for a race weekend and get a message asking where I’m going. The conversation usually ends with “If only I knew a few weeks ago, I would have been in but I can’t swing it on such short notice


It’s not that hard! 

There are a few sites out there that have all the information you need. They usually have the next year’s entire schedule posted by early February, so don’t wait, start blocking off your calendar right now! has traditionally been the “top dog” to find and sign up for Track Days. Their site is decent, and they have made steady improvements of the past few years but I’ve never been a huge fan.

Enter :

HPDE Junkie is another event listing site that focuses purely on events that have High Performance Driver Education (HPDE Track Days). Their site is much more focused as they don’t fill the page up with EVERY “motorsports” event like autocrosses, road rallies, banquets, number reservation “events”, etc. Just HPDE. has a very simple, easy to use format that makes it less confusing for those new to HPDE and less clunky for those of us who have been around.


Screen Shot 2019-12-11 at 9.17.19 PM

I have been especially impressed with the HPDE Junkie Site, so I spoke a bit with Dave, creator of HPDE to learn a bit about where it came from:

Dave’s history, background, and motivation is pretty similar to my own. While I spent a few years autocrossing, Dave did just a few autocrosses before his first track day. However, both of us were instantly hooked at our first track day and haven’t looked back since.

After our day on the track, we both had similar thoughts of “I wish I did this sooner” and “Everyone needs to try this!” From that point, we each chose our own avenue to spread the word to the masses. Dave was initially put-off with how tough it was to find events. Many clubs seemed like they relied on word-of-mouth to get their schedules out. There wasn’t an easy to navigate, comprehensive database of HPDE days. He made it his mission to create one, and HPDE Junkie was born.

Dave has a very cool Miata HPDE car, and is out there at as many events a year as he can swing… He’s just like any of us out here, doing it “right”.


I implore you, check out HPDE and bookmark it. They have an incredible amount of events listed so use it to fill up this year’s calendar, and share it with your friends now so they can’t use the “I didn’t know!” excuse… again.

See an event missing from the site? send them a message and they’ll add it right away. Most Events for the year are listed as of this posting, but a few trickle in through February, so keep checking back!




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