Every Road-Race Track IN THE WORLD* Highlighted on one google map.

Our previous post covered my favorite site for Finding Track Days, but what about finding the nearest TRACK?

Scenario 1: You’re new to Track Days/HPDE/ and Road Racing in general and want to see what tracks are near you.

Scenario 2: You’re going on a work trip, vacation, or visiting family and would love to check for local racetracks in the area. “To get a feel for the area”, you know… “When in Rome”

Scenario 3: Ever get into one of those mindsets where you think about moving across the country for work, cost of living, love, or just a fresh experience? I’ve gotten deep into researching specific areas only to remember that I’m currently spoiled to have several tracks within an “easy” 5 hour drive… I don’t really want to move to a place where I don’t have at least a few tracks within an easy haul.

A simple map with all these highlighted could be very helpful for “vacation planning”


Scott Malloy put together this very cool “World Wide Race Track Map” on Google maps. Edit: As of 2/11/20 The map has been updated to cover EVERY TRACK in the world. Scott does a lot of research and vetting before he adds tracks. Tracks come and go constantly, so it’s a work in progress. One thing is for sure, he’s a hero for putting this together, Thank you Scott!  If you see something missing, leave them in the comments and I’ll be sure to pass them along.

Here you go: enjoy! 

Here’s a link to the map:

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